Making Music!



As you can see from the video, there are many ways to use your EcoSonic Playground instruments once they are built. The video shows undergraduate students improvising on the instruments that we built with our own cross-disciplinary team at University of Massachusetts Lowell. The students playing did not include the students who helped us build our structures. This video goes on for almost an hour – we pulled out this example to show what happened when we left the students to figure out how to play the instruments.
We recommend allowing for time for your students to explore the sounds and then to improvise before doing any kind of structured activity. You may be surprised at how long they spend in free-play at first and how often they may ask to use the instruments after they are finished. Since the children build the structures from the ground up, they may feel a strong sense of ownership, which may encourage high motivation to use the instruments.
The EcoSonic Playground Project music curriculum includes a comprehensive set of lessons based on improvisation and composition – the entire program focuses on exploration and invention.
We hope to hear from you about bringing our program to your students! Protection Status