Designing Instruments from Reusable Materials




These activities can be modified for all ages:


  1. Place all materials on a table if you’re in a classroom or on the ground if you’re outside.
  2. If you have sorted the materials into “types,” keep them in the groups you have organized.
  3. Have students begin to experiment with the materials.
  4. Note that this process will be loud, so you will need a space where making sound will not be a problem.
  5. Give your students a good amount of time to experiment – this part of the process can vary depending on student interest.
  6. Ask them to find a few materials that they thought made a good sound or that they liked when they put the sounds together.


Design and Build:
  1. Have the students draw a design for an instrument they might build out of the materials they have chosen.
  2. Have the students then build their instrument based on their design.
  3. Using various types of string, tape, wire, pipe cleaners, and other fasteners, have the students bind their instruments together so that they will not fall apart when moved. Protection Status