Building scaffolding from “blueprints”



Attaching the instruments to the scaffolding




This activity can be modified for all ages:

Phase 1:
  1. Address these Essential Questions with your students: What kinds of materials do we need to construct a Cube like the one shown in the photo above? Where can we find those materials or materials like them? How will we put the Cube together so that it is stable? What will we need to bind the Cube together so that it will not fall apart?
  2. Collect the materials that you and your students decide might work to build the structures.


Phase 2:
  1. Print out this Cube Plan. Show your students this plan before they begin this part of the project.
  2. Divide your students into groups depending on how many Cubes you want to build.
  3. Give each group a copy of the plan.
  4. Place your building materials in one pile and ask your students to figure out what materials they will need to gather to follow the plan.
  5. Ask your students to get what they need and to start building.


Phase 3:
  1. Once students are finished building the structures, tell them that they will now need to figure out how to attach the instruments they made to the structure they built.
  2. Provide various kinds of attachment materials like string, duct tape, wire, and pipe cleaners for your students to use.



We are in the process of designing an EcoSonic Playground Project Building Kit, which includes all of the materials you will need to build the structures and attach the instruments (includes the architectural plans).


For those of you who are in or near to the Boston area:
  1. We will speak with you personally to plan a project schedule.
  2. We will design an EcoSonic Playground Project that fits the needs of your school or program.
  3. We will bring all of the building materials.
  4. We will work with you and your students to build an EcoSonic Playground!


For those of you who are farther away:
  1. We will speak with you personally to design and plan a project for your specific school or program.
  2. We will send you a building kit that is designed for your needs.
  3. We will keep in touch throughout your project to discuss your approach and answer any questions.


Please contact us!


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